Sunday, 23 June 2013

The ancient woman

It has always been the woman who suffers. When a girl child is born, it is the woman’s fault? When the food seems tasteless because of someone else’s foul mood, it is the woman’s fault? When it comes to clothes, women have restrictions. Women have bounds even in the work field. Even when it comes down to the customs of society, it always keeps the woman at fault. The taboos for women are ridiculous and biased. The customs tend to make women completely ostensible.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

Amazing Seven!

Since childhood I have always dreamt of becoming someone famous; someone who never gives up on her dream and also works for the people. In that quest for perfection, I have followed many ideals, be it for beauty, motivation, courage or politics. I have listed some of those ideals below. It would be a dream come true for me if WeChat could connect me with those great personalities.

Mystic Ambition

Ambition- the word is an individual character in itself. It is the utmost necessity in the world today. People run after it helter-skelter. Without it a child is considered useless.

True, ambition is necessary to be successful in life. It is the driving force towards success; the life force in short. But what does ‘Ambition’ actually mean? It is what one plans to be later in life; the goal to be someone special. It is a dangerous word now because, it is very misleading. The meaning should not be a short-term sense of fulfillment but, one which lasts a lifetime. It should be as such that a person should get inner satisfaction and peace in life.

Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Chili Chili Chicken Chicken

It is the hottest time of the summer season and also the time when all schools, colleges and universities break-up for summer holidays. My cousins and I were done with our exams and were finally meeting after a long time at my house. But this time we decided to experiment. We decided the eldest (four of us) would cook ourselves and party. It was an amazing experience. We all cooked our specialties; I made chili chicken. Now, call it fate or luck. My dish was the hot selling one! Everyone loved it… so it thought I must share this simple, nothing-so-special recipe with my readers.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Heights of Self-obsession!

My parents tell me I can be very selfish at times. My brother tells me I am extremely selfless and kind. Ironical? Read on.

Politics – the Greeks & the Indian Government

Disclaimer: The post that you are about to read contains only my views. It is not meant to disrespect the government or any mythology.

Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Me and Mine

A crazy yet sensible girl, I am very passionate about writing. Of course it depends on the subject matter too but, writing is the second love of my life. My first and true love is the ‘angel’ in my life without whom I would have been a nobody. This ‘angel’ taught me to smile and live life. I owe my happiness to my heart, my ‘angel’!

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

The Modern Woman in the Antique Society

It is seen in the drama Halfway House that the modern contemporary woman is lost in the chaotic and demanding world. The main protagonist Savitri is tied between household responsibilities and her tasks as a working woman. She is in a constant search for identity and individuality. Then again there is Savitri’s elder daughter Binni, who’s in a state of mental confusion as to who she really is and where she belongs. This is nothing but the existentialist dilemma – the absurd search for meaning in one’s life.

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