Thursday, 6 June 2013

Heights of Self-obsession!

My parents tell me I can be very selfish at times. My brother tells me I am extremely selfless and kind. Ironical? Read on.

My friends tell me I am caring, loving and very kind. Someone tells me I look like a South Indian (I am not being racist here). For some I look like a North Indian. Yet for some others, I look like a Bengali. Then again, I look like an Assamese (which I am actually) according to some.

Many people tell me I do not care about my looks. I know, I do not. Not in the way they mean. Those people tell me that as I do not use make-up (except kajal, lotion, crème and sunscreen, if that is considered make-up by any of the readers!)

I love my curly hair, my honey-coloured smooth skin and everything about me. A few months ago, someone told me I am totally self-obsessed which has turned out to be very true! I am! I love clicking my pictures and looking at myself in the mirror. I love myself the way I am- the natural way. I should thank the person who said that to me as, I owe him a lot. He taught me to love myself again. My self-obsessed fever was back just because of that angel.


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