Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Me and Mine

A crazy yet sensible girl, I am very passionate about writing. Of course it depends on the subject matter too but, writing is the second love of my life. My first and true love is the ‘angel’ in my life without whom I would have been a nobody. This ‘angel’ taught me to smile and live life. I owe my happiness to my heart, my ‘angel’!

I am currently pursuing English Honors from the Delhi University. I was basically a science student as I took up science stream for my secondary exams. But after that, I felt I am supposed to be somewhere else, somewhere different – somewhere where I can freely express my ideas. So English it was. I am so happy I took that decision on that fateful day; the day of first-cut off in DU in the year 2012. Torn between Physics honors and alluring English honors, I took a lot of time to decide what to take up. Finally, I followed my heart and decided on English honors.

Now, I realize that I made the right decision. English Honors in DU provides you the chance to explore the dynamics of human mind, society and culture. It is not simply stories or simple poems as in school-level text books. It opens a different dimension altogether. The course takes you through the ills of society, politics of past and present, economic conditions around the world and many other juicy topics. In short, the course makes an individual an intellectual in the actual sense of the term. People who have been lucky enough to take up English in DU would know how special the course actually is.

Back to my life- I have a lot of friends all over the country; a few hold special places in my heart. I am an ardent music lover; I play the violin too. Reading is my hobby. Once it so happened that I was reading a book on greek mythology. I did not realize that it was 3:00 am in the morning. My mother came to my room and asked me if I’m planning to retire for the night at all. I looked up at her, looked at the clock on my wall, glanced outside my window and realized it was 3:00 am in the morning! I forgot to sleep totally! On saying that to my mother, she could hardly control her laughter. Such is my attraction to books and writings. I do content editing jobs for pocket money too. Presently, I have been lucky enough to bag an internship with the magnificent Press Trust of India.

The rest of my story is like any other normal girl. Fun, hanging out, studies, a bit of blogging and sports too. Many of my girlfriends were of the view that girls are not meant to blog. But I am sure there are million others out there who wouldn't agree with them. Now when my friends see my post, they agree they were wrong. That’s all… if anything interesting turns up in my life, I would keep you all posted. So long!

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