Saturday, 15 June 2013

Mystic Ambition

Ambition- the word is an individual character in itself. It is the utmost necessity in the world today. People run after it helter-skelter. Without it a child is considered useless.

True, ambition is necessary to be successful in life. It is the driving force towards success; the life force in short. But what does ‘Ambition’ actually mean? It is what one plans to be later in life; the goal to be someone special. It is a dangerous word now because, it is very misleading. The meaning should not be a short-term sense of fulfillment but, one which lasts a lifetime. It should be as such that a person should get inner satisfaction and peace in life.

Earlier, people would dream of becoming someone in life. They would aspire to be doctors, engineers, architects, astronauts, teachers, politicians and the list goes on. Now, ambition has completely different nuances. People, especially youngsters, dream of getting into their dream college. Ambition is to get into a particular college. How very sad! By getting into a college or university, younglings feel they have achieved their goals but, what after that. They have achieved nothing in the process. Hence we see hoards of people with degrees in engineering, medical and many other courses sitting idle once their course is over. They become a burden to their parents in their old age and a liability to the country’s economy.

But, the parents are equally at fault for the molding the actual sense of ambition. Every mother and father wants to see their children in the best universities and colleges they can think of. The children are taught to look at ambition in a very deceptive way. They are made to believe that getting a seat in their dream institution is the answer to one’s life. What after that? Sitting idly with a degree certificate in one’s hand and showcasing it to everyone they know?

The need of the hour is therefore, a change in the society. The mindsets of the people need to be restructured. This new found misleading concept of ambition is destroying youngsters’ lives. People need to think beyond. The answer to life is not so simple but, a very complex one. A child should be nurtured properly, should be taught to introspect. Once a child learns to do that, he/she will naturally realize their pros and cons. They will start working accordingly. Parents should be mentors instead of imposers. In the end, a youngster can then achieve what he/she is destined to. They will taste the true flavor of success by finally reaching their ambition.

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