Thursday, 6 June 2013

Politics – the Greeks & the Indian Government

Disclaimer: The post that you are about to read contains only my views. It is not meant to disrespect the government or any mythology.

The Greek mythology awe-inspires one and all who have the slightest idea about it, be it through games, books or movies. I am still amazed by the powerful Greek Gods. It is indeed ironical that Zeus, the all-powerful, treats other Gods like his playthings including Hera, his wife. Hera, however, does enjoy a lot of power and respect. She can still forgo any major punishment even if she disregards Zeus’ commands; a power which other Gods do not have. In the great battle of Troy, instead of letting the right side win, he complicated the war by scheming interwoven destinies of the puny humans. He used the other Gods to make his plan a success. Finally, he agreed to let the right side win upon Hera’s continuous request but, at the cost of the lives of men. Here, the war is not important but, the power politics behind it. Zeus being the most powerful (by position as well as power) God can rule over the entire humanity and the other Gods. The lesser Gods do not have any say whatsoever once Zeus has made up his mind about something, even if a suggestion from some other God might be good. Hera being the most powerful lady does command respect from everyone but, the other Goddesses do not. The lesser Gods are bound to follow Zeus and Hera’s orders always. They are Gods and enjoy the luxuries of divinity… nothing else. The worst off are the humans. They are puppets in the hands of Gods.

Likewise, in the present day India the PM (apparently), the CMs of the States and the Indian Hera are the main power holders. They talk about equality. Where is equality when girls get raped? When people do not get jobs that they deserve because some corrupt and rich person tips off officials? When criminals go free and the innocent suffer in jails?

There is equality only for the rich as well for the powerful. In fact, only powerful and rich people can engage to some levels of corruption. Just like in Greek mythology, the survival window for the commoners is very small. Few survive, rest of them are history.

The problem, however, lies with the common people. They are like a hydra-headed multitude. Like a flock of sheep, they go wherever they are led. For instance, when the anti-Sikh riots broke out all over the country just after Indira Gandhi was assassinated by her Sikh bodyguards, many people were supposedly tipped off by some politicians to create a rift in the country which would favor votes to their name. The people who were tipped off were so unintelligent that they agreed to massacre a particular community regardless of who’s innocent. Even the politicians who did that should be ashamed of themselves. What is the difference between them and Hitler if they follow his path and practice a higher form of ethnic killing!

Until the common masses start thinking of others’ skin before their own, nothing can change the world. It is up to the citizen to make a change which can start by being selfless.

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