Sunday, 23 June 2013

The ancient woman

It has always been the woman who suffers. When a girl child is born, it is the woman’s fault? When the food seems tasteless because of someone else’s foul mood, it is the woman’s fault? When it comes to clothes, women have restrictions. Women have bounds even in the work field. Even when it comes down to the customs of society, it always keeps the woman at fault. The taboos for women are ridiculous and biased. The customs tend to make women completely ostensible.

It is said that now the world observes equality in society. But in such cases, equality crouches into a dark corner and refuses to resurface again for a long time.

In the ancient times, women were subject to a lot of dominance. Evident from the sonnets and other literary pieces written by Spenser, Sidney and many other writers, the woman of the society did not have any independence. The chastity of character was one thing which was stressed upon and, is stressed upon even now. But the definition of chastity then was highly unreal. Once a woman was married, she was not even allowed to look at any other man, be it some elder in her family. The woman was meant to be confined within the household. The Victorian notion of 'angel in the house' pressurized women even more. Paintings done by biased painters, ‘Madonna’ by Michelangelo for instance, created certain nuances to be fulfilled by a woman to be considered perfect. The result was that the society ended up creating ostentatious creatures in the form of women; frail creatures not fit to survive in the rough and tough world outside.

What the world needs to remember is that parallel to the ancient society were also women who were powerful than even the strongest of men. The ‘Amazonian Women’ are legend in themselves. No one knew what happened to them. Some say they were killed through conspiracy as they were too strong to be fought face-to-face.

Let us move forward in time to the present day society. Women are still subjugated under numerous irrational customs. The girl child is still killed at birth. A woman is not safe out in the streets after sunset. Why? Just because some men think themselves to be superior and so, they go about torturing the woman. There are many more instances.

The society needs to learn that even the woman can be independent and mature like men. Maybe women can do even better in some fields. People forget the most important fact – how can they undermine the one who gives life, the woman?

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