Friday, 12 July 2013

The Roads and The Greens

"For a second I was almost jealous of the clouds."
People often tend to forget that the lesser known parts of the world contain mesmerizing beauty. Those enigmatic far-away lands have the power to make one lose track of time. Fortunately, I got a chance to make a journey to such a fabulous place.

Hidden among the dense greenery is a small town called Diphu in the hilly district of Karbi Anglong in Assam. Being born and brought up in Guwahati, I hardly had the chance to mingle with Mother Nature. So I gladly accepted this proposal to travel to this interior place. We, a group of six friends, started in the morning in an Innova. We were listening to songs at a loud volume (like all youngsters of the present generation) as we were crossing the ever-busy city. The six of us: Rishi (the music lover), Mic (the techno expert), Leon (my mischievous brother), Debanga (the crazy one), Mridula (the stylist) and Lini (me) were the best of buddies.

Slowly, the buildings and pavements gave way to lush green fields and small houses. The green scenery on both sides did not manage to capture our full attention even then. We just lowered the volume a bit to enjoy the occasional flock of sheep and the clumps of tress.

Soon enough, the surroundings mesmerized us! We turned off the music, switched off the AC and rolled down our windows. The beauty was breath-taking. With clouds on the lap of hills, dense green forests, animals, birds and small streams on both sides, we could not control ourselves from taking out the cameras. Words can never describe the beauty of such places; only eyes can do justice. For us, the music produced by nature replaced the music produced by humans. We were overwhelmed!

They say a picture says a thousand words, so I guess I should let my snaps do some of the talking!

Green and Brown
The Abode of Clouds
Green on left, Green on right; Green everywhere - Exuberant!
"I found the poems in the fields and only wrote them down." - John Clare
We finally reached Diphu in about three hours. We went to a place for picnic – the 6 of us. There, we had lunch in a small house maintained by the people residing near the picnic site. We had a lip-smacking Assamese meal along with traditional Assamese dessert at the end, which was undoubtedly, the cherry on the top!

Lip-smackin' treat
Natural Beauty galore
On our return journey, the beauty was magnified from the opposite side! The hilly terrain, small streams running by, winding roads, the ambrosial greenery on both sides, numerous species of trees, shrubs and grasses and, the occasional deer and elephants peeping through made our day. The prolific view all around gave us an inner sense of peace and happiness we did not know existed before.

Oh, the skies!
Beauty beauty everywhere...
The Best Lifestyle
"For in the true nature of things if we rightly consider, every green tree is far more glorious than it were made of gold or silver." - Martin Luther
Pristine experience
The Return
The clouds in the sky along with the exuberant landscape added to the natural beauty of the place. It certainly raised the question in our minds as to why the government does not work towards developing the tourism industry in the pristine and heavenly North-Eastern India.

Last week, I read in an international traveler’s blog that North and West India has most of the tourist attractions in India. I couldn't disagree more! The government is at blame for this. Why neglect the most beautiful regions of the country? The divine, exquisite lands of the country are often neglected and do not get the attention they deserve.

It is true that some regions have their own ethnic and political troubles or some other issues but, doesn't the whole of India?

This journey was indeed an eye-opener for me and my friends! We were enthralled by the beauty of pristine nature and the joy we had is incomparable to anything.

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