Thursday, 8 August 2013

Nausea-free days... Finally!

Our school lies in the outskirts of our city in a beautiful countryside. Nestled among the green hills and supple fields is our school. The surroundings are mesmerizing. Every guest who happens to visit our school falls in love with the greenery and peace all around. Even Saina Nehwal spoke about the alluring mise en scène when she visited our school.

It so happens that my younger brother has this habit of carrying his breakfast plate to the car in the morning before going to school. He somehow gets up from slumber, brushes his teeth, has his bath, dresses up and leaves for school. Hence, no time for breakfast. The smell of the food is already revolting throughout the ride to school. Moreover, he does not get enough time to relieve himself properly in the morning; so, you can imagine how scented the air inside our small air-conditioned Santro would be!

Almost every morning our driver and I would somehow survive the almost ‘skunk-like’ attack from my brother and reach school. On some days, the smell is so bad that I get nauseated and feel like throwing up. Our driver gets a headache almost daily, thanks to my brother and his smelly air. I was very irritated as I could not enjoy the much loved scenery around me. I could not enjoy the green landscape we travel through before reaching school.

One day I was dressed up in our traditional Assamese dress, Mekhela-chadar for a Bihu function. I was supposed to host the show.
Mekhela Chadar
That morning on my ride to school was one of the worst in my life. My mother had dressed me in the heaviest of silks she had. And as usual, my brother had to torture me with his bad, smelly air. It was so frustrating that I barfed right in the car. It was so sudden that I didn't even get time to ask our driver to roll down my window.

My brother felt really miserable after that. I consoled him. I did not want him to feel guilty even though he was; because he was my only beloved little brother after all.

We were tired of this early morning blues… We needed a solution. Most other car perfumes we used failed to be much effective. And them came along Ambi Pur to the rescue!

A week or so back, I received the Ambi Pur Mini Vent Clip from Ambi Pur through Indiblogger. I had applied for a free sample.

My Free Sample
It has been a week now and, no smelly ordeals. We are very grateful to Ambi Pur and my father has made up his mind to go for Ambi Pur car perfumes and air fresheners in the future.

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