Saturday, 9 November 2013

Man or Demon!

I am a big dog lover. I have the experience of growing up with five dogs around me during the early years of my childhood. What you are about to read has nothing to do with me liking dogs a lot. In fact, I am sure every humane person out there would be shocked to see what I saw today as I was walking along the road with one of my PG mates here at Satya Niketan in New Delhi.

Opposite to the line of shops, there was a big waste bin, rather a garbage dump. The two dogs living there bore puppies. They were adorable and naive; did not know about how to avoid vehicles. We happened to be petting one of those puppies, and soon a car came came up on reverse. We moved out in time and got the puppy with us. It was saved then, and again and, once more as the car turned a bit more. Then, just when we thought the pup was in "safe" zone, the driver did the Unthinkable! It ran the right rear tire over the small little thing's neck and moved on. The worst part was that the driver saw us trying to save the puppy and was fully aware of it coming under the car. But why will he stop... Why waste his time for a "roadside, new born dirty little piece of meat", right?

We were so shocked we could not move. We saw the little thing beat its paws, struggling to breathe and blood started gushing out of its mouth soaking the side of the tarmac road making it red; after a few moments, all life went out of that little body...

Friends! This is the real picture of today's world. People act so busy and demonic. No wonder it is called 'Kalyug'.

After that incident, my friend and I came up to our rooms and locked ourselves in. After crying my heart out for the poor puppy, I am writing this... I am sure my friend is also mourning the pup's death in her room. We did not speak a word on our way back. It was the most inhumane, cruel and demonic act we have ever witnessed.

Our sentiments are not because we are ardent animal lovers, but because of the fact that we know the feelings of pain and loss. Today, when we saw the mother dog cry out, howl in pain, her cries pierced our hearts. How would the driver feel had the same thing been done to one of his own family members? I am sure he would have almost killed whoever would have been responsible. He would have shouted and protested. But dogs cannot, sadly. Is that why people are so heartless towards animals?

Can you think of hurting them?
Nature has given man the highest position among living things to ensure peace and harmony, and not to create havoc. Animal cruelty is just one side of the story. People who cut down trees and destroy forest and hills in the name of development need to do a reality check. Can't they feel Mother Earth bleeding? So much of sin running lose on her bosom! What man does not realize is that through all these cruel deeds, he is bringing forth his own destruction. When Mother Nature starts to speak, it is not in the hands of man to stop the destruction. We are in the age when "Man is shining before perishing", just like a candle or diya emits a lot of light just before it is about to go off.
With greater power, comes greater responsibility.
But do we see people in this age acting accordingly?


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