Friday, 13 December 2013

To Study or Not

“No matter what they tell us
No matter what they do
No matter what they teach us
what we believe is true

No matter what they call us
however they attack
No matter where they take us
we’ll find our own way back”

… True, isn’t it?

No matter how hard teachers try to make us find a way to concentrate, we always end up where we started. Why do we need to study? Why can’t we rather hang out with friends? And sleep as much as we want? We should rather watch TV all day. Moreover, exams are killers! Who is the miserable person who invented studying? He/She should go and drown!

Aaah! “Study science! Study math! Sports will not earn you bread”, is what the grown-ups say all the time.

We should rather indulge in music, sports, dance and other activities…
But students, just think what the world would be like without technology. Even the field where you play rugby or cricket needs technology to make it safe for you. The instruments musicians use to create music need technology as well. Without science and math, the world would have been still in the Dark ages.

Then comes literature and history. Is it possible to stay without knowing who your grandparents are? In the same way, it is inevitable to develop without knowing our culture, traditions and our past. Literature and history defines who we are and where we belong.

But the same problem prevails. How do we study when we do not like studying?

We should think about the thrill we experienced when we saw ‘Avengers’ for the first time. What is so special that glues our attention to movies and not studying? The problem is that we think studying as a thing done in confinement. Education is like a prison for us, we think. But widen your horizons. Use your imaginations. Make study fun! Learn the fun in playing with numbers and ideas while doing math and science. Use your imagination to give you coloured pictures about the society when you study literature and history. Transport yourself into an alternate universe while studying physics in the same way you do while watching movies like ‘Armageddon’.

Research says that small kids become addicted to animated cartoons because they demand their attention every second. The animations capture their attention. The same reasoning can be given to why we think study is boring and useless. But there is always a way out. The trick is to imagine and imagine, and imagine again.

So the next time you open your history textbook, transport yourself to the time which the page says. Imagine yourself as a citizen of the place and read, and experience magic happening! You will realize you remember everything, the best part being you enjoyed.
People are not born great, they become great.
Dear students, your lives are big movies and you are the director. So it is up to you how you give shape. It is in your power to give your movie the entire thrill you want. So imagine and study! Watch TV, hang out and play as well; enjoy life and make your life movie a success!

Once you make study fun, life becomes even more fun. Your schedule falls in place. There is more than enough time to study, play, watch TV and do all other things you love.

Imagine, experiment, experience and learn! – should be the student motto now, eh?

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