Tuesday, 24 December 2013

What a Website should have

Websites uncountable! Now there is innumerable number of websites raging the World Wide Web which makes it nearly impossible to keep count. Some people may say it is a sign of the world catching up on technological advancement, but the reality is quite the opposite. Till now, only a handful of the world’s populi get access to internet. There are regions in our nation India itself, where there is not even electricity, let alone internet.

The people who go about creating sites on the World Web vary in nature: some are small investors just looking for money and ready to swindle people if necessary, some try to create a mark but do not have the brains or resources to, and some are intellectual and know what they are doing.

Moreover, the kinds of genres and themes are again multifarious. One would observe some sites tending to music and lyrics of various languages, like azlyrics.com.

Some sites are of multi-purpose use like Wikipedia.

Some sites dedicate themselves to education and offer online courses as well, like Coursera.org.

There are some which deal with literature and society, like The Victorian Web. And some cater to sports and the entire sports bulletin, like easports.com. There are many Gaming sites too.

But we hardly see any sites meeting success like YouTube and Wikipedia did in modern times. Why? The answer is not simple. From the view of a coder, one would say the php script is making the outcome of the search results in a site very slow. A web site designer might point out that the design and layout is too sloppy to make it attractive or user-friendly.
Now, the expectations of a layman who has no idea about designing a website or how it was created with strings of codes would be very different.

A website of a particular theme or mixed themes should have the option of many languages, maybe it can aim for all the languages Google Translate has to offer.

Next, the site should aim at making the site hassle free by making as user-friendly as possible. For that to happen, the creator should imagine himself at the receiver’s place and view his/her site as a user. The design should not be complex. Things should be easy to find. The Search Field should not be character-sensitive. The layout should be simple with a good amount of speed.

Yet those are just the technological and basic requirements. Next, comes the main obstacle. For a website to be truly successful, it has to be unique or extraordinary. People should not see creating website just as a means of fast and simple money-making. They should indulge only if they enjoy doing that job and have a passion for it. Then think of sites like YouTube and Wikipedia again. What was it that made them so beautifully taste success? Yes, originality! It matters a lot.

This is my perspective of a good Website. What is yours?

I do not have one favourite website, but many. YouTube is one of them.

The main reason is that it is not bound to just music and dance videos. It caters to all kinds of videos, be it an educational one or a sports one. Even the news videos are useful. Moreover, the 'broadcast yourself' makes it all the more worthwhile and proves to be a valuable asset to the common man. An upcoming artist can get support by posting his/her videos. Any common citizen in the world can share his/her views on any subject matter. The flexibility YouTube provides is indeed refreshing. YouTube never gets boring. Nowadays, even Facebook tends to be boring sometimes as a matter of fact.

This article has been posted for the contest 'The Elegant World Wide Web' organised by WebRiti and TheBlogBowl.

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