Monday, 16 December 2013

Yoga Tablet - A dream come true!

“Can you tell me how to write this article on Godmen?”… A junior asked me in facebook. I gave the instructions duly and returned to blogging on my Tablet. After that came my employer’s call in Skype inquiring if I was finished proof-reading the articles he asked for. I said I would mail him the write-ups right then as I was already done with them. Then my PG mate came to ask me what we would cook for dinner and if I had planned anything. I did a quick search on easy to cook recipes in Google on my Tab and gave her two options to choose from. After that, we got the ingredients and started cooking by following the instructions right from the Internet. Oh, the tab was of such help! If only it had a stand so that we can keep it like a paper on a paper stand.

The tab comes handy wherever I go. It helps me go in for sleepovers at my girlfriends’ places and still remain updated on work. I can go on trekking and remain updated still. When I am outside shopping with my girlfriends, I can always find directions to the nearest Chinese restaurant or KFC in a matter of seconds with the help of my Tab. Oh, you are such a sweet darling, Tab!

Travelling by Air to places with friends is no fun without huddling together for a movie. There again my Tab is the savior! Iron Man 3 or Life of Pi, my Tab saw to it that we did not miss out on any good movies.

Even after this endless list, why do I feel that I am not satisfied? Why do I feel my Tab needs an evolution?

After Lenovo launched its line of Yoga Tablets, my present suddenly seemed dull to me. It no longer held interest in my eyes. The Yoga Tab is so flexible as if fluid.

I mentioned above that I wished my Tab had a support to it so we can read from it without difficulties while cooking. Now I know Yoga Tab is what I need to do that!

Then I mentioned how my friends and I watch movies on my Tab. The truth is my arms start paining because I have to keep holding up the tablet all the time. My friends have to manage my luggage if we travel and watch movies. But the Lenovo Yoga Tablet is like a dream come true!

I have back ache and neck problems because I cannot recline, lie down partially or sit comfortably on a couch to use my present Tab. The constant work pressure – studying e-books on the Tab, working for my part time job on it, searching for recipes, catching up with friends, watching movies, listening to music and watching videos, blogging and video chatting with my loved ones becomes a tad too hectic for my posture. In fact, my physician advised me to rest for 2 weeks before resuming my ever-busy schedule. But now I know if I had the Yoga Tablet then, I would not have fallen prey to back aches and neck problems.

With a Lenovo Yoga Tab, I can even go on cycling through the countryside with the Tab giving me directions in front of me in my basket!

I can just place the Yoga tablet on my lap and it would give me the perfect viewing angle without any stress to my eyes or posture. Now this is what I call superior Technology. If I am babysitting my landlady’s newborn son, I can keep the Yoga Tab side-by on the table and rock the baby too. While I to tend the plants in my small garden at home, I can keep the Tab on a wooden stand and read useful tips while gardening. Moreover, I can flaunt my new Yoga Tablet to everyone around me by keeping it in different angles. I can read from it when I lie down as well.

Oh, how much I like you, Lenovo Yoga Tablet! With it one can Live Life Like a Boss.
This post has been written for the contest "Better Way" organised by Indiblogger and Lenovo. 

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