Tuesday, 25 March 2014

There is always a way…

Identity – something which defines who you are. Will you comfortable to know that there must be about hundreds of cyber nerds who might be spying on you? That’s not all. What if someone is stealing your privacy details for some petty work? And how does it feel to know that the Government, the NSA and all the internet giants like Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter know about everything you search on the internet. They might have been making money by improvising on the kind of ads on your screen that way, but doesn't it feel like intrusion? Why should they know about what we like or what pictures we take.

Friday, 31 January 2014

India a Democracy - The biggest fluke of the century?

It is said that India is a free country. That it is the largest democracy in the world.

Have you seen lately what has been happening in its capital city Delhi?

Girls from Northeast are laughed at and teased every day in the capital. Boys from northeast are smirked at because of their looks. people on road pass obscene comments. But why?

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