Friday, 31 January 2014

India a Democracy - The biggest fluke of the century?

It is said that India is a free country. That it is the largest democracy in the world.

Have you seen lately what has been happening in its capital city Delhi?

Girls from Northeast are laughed at and teased every day in the capital. Boys from northeast are smirked at because of their looks. people on road pass obscene comments. But why?

People from the North and West of India look different than South Indians and Northeast Indians. Every race has its own root. And every race has its own etiquette to follow. But are North Indians doing it? People here, especially in Delhi, think that they are superior. Why? Because they talk loudly? Talking loudly on the other hand is a sign of disrespect and uncivilized behavior. Maybe they think themselves superior because they feel they are very aggressive which makes them strong. But how can they forget - The pen is mightier than the sword!

Crimes against women are mostly seen in North and Western India, the highest being in Delhi and NCR regions. So? What does this depict? Does this say that most North Indians are civilized and respect the female population? It rather says that the WOMAN does not have any right. She is no better than slaves kept by Kings in ancient times. She has to follow all whims of the Male members. She has no say whatsoever. The Woman is a toy in the hands of men.

But think about this!

Will there be a world without women? Men should remember that they exist because of WOMEN! They owe their life to Women, not the other way round.

Starting from household responsibilities to the nine months of pain she has to go through - this should make you realize that Women withstand a lot more pain than men. But those men who raise their voice and hand against the fair sex proves that they are not Men in the true sense of the term. They are no less than Hyenas who eat food killed by wolves, tigers and lions.

This is the kind of news the world witnesses about our "capital : Murder for nothing

Delhi! The capital of India. People from North and West try and dominate over the rest. They think they are superior. Imagine a country without the Northeast and South. you will be left with nothing. A country's glory comes from all the states within its political boundary. But do North Indians realise that?
Like South Indians and Northeast Indians seem "alien" to you, Do Not Forget that even your race seems alien to them. But are they killing people from your race in their land? Or raping women from your race? That hardly happens because more than 90% of their populi know what respect is. They understand the value of Unity and Equality. This makes them more civilised.

This is not to say North and West Indians are less civilised. This is just to make you all realise that This is the picture you present not just to the rest of the country, but to the whole world. People from outside India are afraid to travel here as well. A few Rotten Apples are tainting the whole race of people from North and West India.

It is time to wake up. And time for a little Introspection for those at fault!

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