Tuesday, 25 March 2014

There is always a way…

Identity – something which defines who you are. Will you comfortable to know that there must be about hundreds of cyber nerds who might be spying on you? That’s not all. What if someone is stealing your privacy details for some petty work? And how does it feel to know that the Government, the NSA and all the internet giants like Facebook, Google, YouTube and Twitter know about everything you search on the internet. They might have been making money by improvising on the kind of ads on your screen that way, but doesn't it feel like intrusion? Why should they know about what we like or what pictures we take.

But, one cannot be so frightened to leave all your privacy details back at home. You need it with you wherever you go, isn’t it? After all, you cannot just lock yourself from the world out of the fear that the moment you step out of your home, a vehicle might strike you dead! How about the idea of an e-wardrobe? Software with “unlimited remote access and no storage limits” is what you need.
Tonido is the perfect for this. The platform not only gives you space to store your personal data, including privacy details, but also things which are close to your heart, like – songs, videos and photographs.
It is true that using proxy servers to browse the internet is a safe option, but for how long? And it becomes very cumbersome to open a proxy server again and again. For instance, I am an ardent web surfer and, I would rather waste my time browsing than pressing ‘Ctrl+Shift+Enter’ for Incognito in Chrome and going to HideMyAss or use the sluggish Tor browser. What is your say?
Moreover, the cases of privacy threats have increased tremendously over the years. It would not be surprising to know that a certain pen-drive of a certain brand or an MP3 of a certain brand might be quietly tracing your actions online. It is like some stranger looking into your life, who is just behind you breathing down your neck.
What Tonido does is give you a safe way out of this. You do not have to carry your laptop, PC and pen drives anywhere. Once you upload files, all you have to do is login to your cloud and you would be accessing all your private data. So why waste time. All we need is here. Would you like to carry your heavy laptop and pendrives on a vacation? Or would you rather have access from anywhere? Tonido has all the required flexibility. You can download any file you want to make changes in, then upload it again after the changes are done with. It is truly you virtual wardrobe. You virtual designer is here!

Now, do not tell me that Tonido does not excite you even a lil’ bit, eh?

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